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1387,10,11 At 03:42 ق.ظ

 Barcelona seeks to football to sign striker David Villa of Valencia striker soccer competitions during the beginning of next season.

According to newspaper "Marca" Spanish Valencia had accepted the idea of the sale of Villa in the event of receiving an offer in excess of 40 million euros, which is the amount which has become difficult to monitor in the vulnerability of the consequences of the financial crisis clubs.

The FIA has confirmed earlier that does not feel remorse about the rejection of the idea of joining Real Madrid, the Spanish champions in the last two seasons.

It is expected that the coming period would witness a new conflict between Barcelona and Real Madrid to join Villa, who is supposed to continue his contract with Valencia until 2014.

Reference is made to the faithful had issued last summer, the top scorer in the European Nations Cup, "Euro 2008", which was held in Austria and Switzerland recorded four goals helped Spain win the title.